Art Redefined: What is Art Today?

Throughout time, art has been a part of everything here on earth. Starting from the very first sight in the morning, our room’s interior design, stained glass, fountain and statutes and the graffiti on the street walls. They are all forms of visual arts.

Mixed Media Visual Possibilities

Depending on your faith, one could say that in the beginning of creation, God is the artist and He initiated the idea of appreciation through visual observation, allowing us to revel in the beauty of His creation. God even speaks about admiration and the joy of seeing the fruit of wisdom of how one is fearfully and wonderfully made, uniquely knitted with love. There is no wonder that men are artists in nature since human is created in God’s likeness. And our very own world we call earth is a part of God’s magnificent creation called the universe.

Long before, visual artists are strictly addressed to people who devote their time to painting and sculpture like Vincent Van Gogh, Michael Angelo and the like. But Art itself cannot be limited to these areas. Art is an expression of one’s self, emotions or feelings mostly pertaining to love. Since emotion is complicated enough to understand, artworks from different artist change from time to time and swayed by the creator’s moods.

Vincent Van Gogh in Visual Possibilities

An example of this is Vincent Van Gogh who because of his unique masterpiece was called lunatic by the people from his time and cost him his fortune and family. One of his famous quotes that reflects how dynamic art really is, is when he said this:

Art is to console those who are broken by life and I dream my painting and I paint my dream.

Years later after his tragic end, people began to appreciate his creations and now are valued in millions of dollars — even his mere sketches.

Through time, the influence of visual art was no longer limited to clays, stones, paints, and canvass. Now, no one could ever say that he or she is not influenced or influencing art one way or the other. Starting from fashion designs, graphic designs, cinematics, photography and even the skyscrapers, all these are a product of man’s imagination and passion. The quote of the above famous artist tells us that art itself has no boundaries when he said, “What is done in love is done well.”

Art Exhibit in Visual Possibilities