Mark Rothko: Painting Spaces

Sometimes, we find ourselves staring into blank space for no reason and wondering what on earth we are thinking. We sometimes have moments in our life when we just want to be in the still, a time to rekindle something within us that we want to recall, or a place we wanted to be or just a space to reflect on.

The world is selfish and we oftentimes find ourselves getting caught in suffocating situations, being absorbed by its demands and leaving us helpless wishing we are in another place in an instant.

The uncanny solution…

Behind all the wishful thinking and staring at empty walls, one could never tell that such need could actually be addressed by art.


The painter is now known for his iconic paintings as objects of contemplation that require viewers a moment of deep thought to find the feeling that the painter wanted to present. A feeling of being alone in a close secluded box, using purposely reduced light to make his paintings reveal solemnity and meditative atmosphere.

Do you want to know who this painter is?

Who is Mark Rothko?

This painter is no other than Mark Rothko, an American painter of Russian-Jewish Descent known as an abstract expressionist.

Rothko made an answer through art to provide a space of contemplation to a troubled mind or a frantic moment. His artworks were generally in huge dimensions that allow its viewers to stand and stare at what seems to be an endless wall. A readily available place to be in desperate times when either one needs to be in deep thought or rekindle the feeling of being in a certain place or at a certain time once again.

It needs deeper concentration as you look into the images to understand what I am talking about. The cold wind that seeps through your skin as the new day breaks or the peacefulness of sunset as you rest your mind to close the day is just a few examples that one may discover in Rothko’s paintings. Watching his works will not cost you much but it will be worth it.