Ride The Choo-Choo Trends of 2018

2018 Trends

Now that 2017 is about to come to an end and a new year will soon open doors for everyone, we are caught in the moment of thinking about what is there in 2018 that waits for us. It is, of course, common to everyone in business how important the company logo is and the extent of its role in the results in the market.

Perhaps you may now be reaping the benefits of having an established logo or may have been waiting for this moment to happen. Here are some of the 2018 trends to facelift your business logo and kick-start the year with a bang!

Cyber-technology is almost considered to be a key ingredient in life today and logos are everywhere as well. From the mobile phone alone, application logos are visible and pasted on the screen which means more revenue opportunities to the app developers.  But just like software that requires an update, logo as well get updated which is now a trend in the business marketing strategy.



Some business owners start the logo design by doodling. Doodles are some of the best ways to express what is there in the mind that conveys the picture more than words can say. This is very convenient especially to those who are just about to start a business this incoming New Year. Instead of taking time conversing with logo designers about your idea, just take couple clean sheets of paper and start doodling. Ideas will not come immediately, but patience is a virtue and soon will begin to have a glimpse of your future business icon.

Animation as a solution!

Yes right! Usually, we are tied up with the idea of the logo as static illustration pasted on the wall, printed or engraved. But hey, this is a modern era where people started learning how to spend more time at home. The war in the market world now happens in the realm of cyber world where animation comes in. Just how an animated movie catches the heart of cinema viewers, the same goes for the logo designs to catch clients. Moving logo comes very impressive and captures the attention. A pretty awesome idea and yet very innovative.

The animation is applicable not just for images, it also works best for text logos. Some business use letters as their logo which is of course very much awesome to play in animation. This is done usually simply by the using GIF format and voila, an animated logo on the go.trend coke

There are many exciting ways to lift your market through attractive logo designs such as changing the color palette, textures, and broken typography. However, let us still keep in mind that logo can either put the business on a pedestal or bring it down, a risk that has pros and cons that needs to be carefully quantified.

In closing, be creative, innovative but and be prepared when riding the Choo-Choo trend of visual design.